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This One Question Will Tell You Which Color To Paint Your Room


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Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed / Natalie Dinham / Via

Think about what mood you want your room to have.

Do you want to step into this calm and harmonious abode?

Roger Davies / Via

Or this fresh, earthy room?

Eve Wilson for The Design Files / Via

Or this bold, powerful chamber?

Natalie Dinham / Via

Answer this one question, and we can tell you what color your room should be.

Important: After you've picked your paint, start with a small swatch on your wall first.

Does it work with your carpeting or hardwood floors? Does it complement your furniture? Do you even like it?

The last thing you want is color regret. / Via NBC

Renovating is a lot of work, but, as they say, no pain(t), no gain.

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