Moleskine's New Smart Pen Is Actually Pretty Genius

    It digitizes your notes *as you write them*.

    Moleskine, the maker of hipster-beloved leather-bound notebooks, released a new smart pen and notebook.

    You're probably thinking, Oh, that's so chill! Makes sense that Moleskine would make its own chic pens.

    But remember, it's a *smart* pen — and it can digitize your notes as 👏 you 👏 write 👏 them.

    The pen works with the Moleskine Notes iOS app (no Android version for now, which, I know, is so lame) and a notebook with special encoded paper.

    The Moleskine app can access your smartphone's microphone to record audio and play back your synced notes with your recording.

    The app, however, won't let you record from an earbud or third-party Bluetooth mic for better audio quality.

    You can pick different colors and adjust the pen's weight on the app.

    If you tap the email icon in the corner, the app will create a PDF of your notes to send off to someone else.

    The whole system is pretty amazing for digitizing notes — but has some serious flaws.

    Thirdly, like the aforementioned Livescribe 3, it requires its own special encoded paper.

    That being said: It's a neat way to bring the flexibility of analog and the convenience of digital together.

    Just one step closer to the damn future, people.