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19 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On Facebook

Never get a Candy Crush request from your ex-friend's mom again.

1. Teach your friends how to *actually* pronounce your name.

2. Disable the Facebook Messages "Seen" read receipt.

3. Export all of your friends' birthdays to Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.

4. Access the Facebook Messages "Other" Inbox you didn't know existed.

5. Look for that one post.

If you're traveling and want some ideas, search the location and peruse posts and photos from friends.

6. Post GIFs to Facebook.

7. Hide your Facebook friends list.

8. Share a post with everyone except for one person.

9. Stop Facebook from auto-playing videos in your News Feed.

10. Know the Facebook Cover Photo size.

11. Stop those annoying game requests.

In the Facebook app, go to More > Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push and uncheck Application Requests. (You're welcome.)

12. If random friends keep bugging you, hide your online chat status.

13. Change your relationship status without causing any ~drama~.

14. Use Facebook's built-in read-it-later bookmark feature.

15. Quickly send money via Messenger.

16. In the Facebook app, swipe left or right on a photo to throw quick filter on it.

17. Download new Facebook photos you're tagged in to a Dropbox folder.

18. Create a "Look Back" video of your entire Facebook history.

19. If you have an iPhone, the Paper app (Free, iOS) will change your Facebook life.

Now you can master the book of face. 😎