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17 Things You Didn't Know Google Chrome Could Do

There's no place like Chrome.

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1. Search for anything hands-free by just saying "OK Google."

Here's how to enable Google Voice Search Hotword. In Settings > Search, you can also enable "OK Google" to start a voice search.


3. Enable secure password generation by pasting this into your browser bar: "chrome://flags/#enable-password-generation"

"Chrome://flags" is like the Chrome version of Gmail's "experimental labs."

With this feature, your password will look like a bunch of gibberish but it will be super safe!


5. Mute tabs with unwanted audio by enabling "Tab audio muting." Copy and paste this URL into your browser bar: "chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting"

You'll be able to click on the audio icon to mute it.

6. When using the Chrome browser for iOS or Android, save cellular data usage by enabling "Data Saver."

In iOS, tap the main menu, go to Settings > Bandwidth > turn Data Saver on. In Android, open Settings > under Advanced tap Reduce data usage to enable the feature.

7. Use only favicons in your bookmarks bar. Right click the bookmark, delete the name, and press Save.

You'll have so much more room.


8. Hate that the Mac OS X Mail app opens every time you click a mail link? Make Gmail your default client for email links by going here, clicking the diamond icon in the browser bar, and selecting "Allow."

11. Access your computer or someone else's through your phone with the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

Now you can troubleshoot your parents' tech problems without being there (sorry, lol). First, enable access on your computer by downloading the extension (link above), opening the app, and click Enable remote connections. There's a companion Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS and Android.

13. Share links with the slickest tool ever, Point.

This Chrome extension lives right on the page you're sharing. It's as simple as typing "@." You can highlight quotes and share them in Point's messaging system, too.

14. Never post or send a typo again with the Grammarly browser extension. / Via

In additional to spelling, it compares your writing to more than 250 grammar rules. Grammarly also offers contextual spellchecking so you won't accidentally misuse affect vs. effect.

🌟 Bonus extra🌟

Last year Google tricked us all with a temporary "translate to Emoji" feature in Chrome for April Fools'.

But did you know, that in Google translate you can listen to emoji meanings in English? Just type an emoji (control + command + spacebar in Mac, go to Tools > Touch Keyboard in Windows 8), translate, then tap on the sound icon.


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