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15 Struggles Only People With iPads Will Understand

RIP, iPad charger. Gone too soon.

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1. When you finally get an iPad and a newer model comes out.

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2. When you realize that headphones aren't included.

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3. When certain apps like Instagram aren't supported.

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4. When this message keeps popping up.

5. Or when this happens.

6. When you don't have a data plan and you go somewhere with no Wi-Fi.


7. When you can only text people with iMessage.

Nicole Martinez

8. When you accidentally drop your iPad on the floor.

9. When a new cable lasts approximately three weeks.

10. When you realize that there are a bunch of useless apps taking up precious storage space.

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11. ...but the calculator app isn't included.

Marvel Studios / Via

12. When you end up having to buy a bunch of accessories to protect your device.

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13. When you try to take a picture with your back camera but forget that your case is blocking the way.

Nicole Martinez

14. When you try to unplug your charger and it's scalding hot.

Clerkenwell Films / Via

15. And last but not least, when you've deleted just about every app and this happens.

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