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14 Things That Happen When Your Parents Aren’t Good With Technology

Video Chatting: Mom! Adjust the screen, I don’t want to talk to the shelves!

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1. You think to yourself, is this going to be my fate one day?


2. You consider telling them that you don’t know, just to spare all the time it’s going to take you to explain it.

3. If you do tell them that you don’t know, they probably won’t believe you.


5. The FaceTime struggle is all too real!


6. Your parents respond to people’s comments on Facebook, by posting a status.

7. They then proceed to “like” everything, out of courtesy.

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8. It’s best not to laugh at them when they do so, otherwise, expect a long speech about how they didn’t grow up with this technology. 


9. They insist that (insert technological device) is broken, because they can’t get it to work.


10. They have NO shame!

OMG! My mom is on someone’s Facebook profile liking their stuff and they are NOT Facebook friends! LOOOL

11. You think about how helping them is the least you can do.


12. Although it can be annoying at times, you realize that it's super cool that your parents run to you for help.


13. They even teach you a few things every now and then.

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14. And you love them, so who cares if they don’t get it all the time.

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