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10 Australian Beaches You Must Visit

Give into your wanderlust and dust off those swimmers

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1. Whitehaven Beach in Whitesunday Island, Queensland

This 7km beach is 98% silica which is why the beach is so white. Also unlike other beaches, the sand does not retain heat which ultimately means long walks on the beach on a hot sweltering day can be done bare footed

2. Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia

This beautiful beach is home to one of Australia's most famous nudist beaches. Cable Beach is home to where you can witness the natural phenomenon Staircase to the Moon that occurs every year between March and October.

4. Turquoise Bay in Exmouth, Western Australia

Turquoise Bay fittingly named after its beautiful shade of turquoise water, has a lagoon beneath the surface that is teeming with many tropical fishes. It is also a great destination for snorkeling.

5. Bondi Beach in Bondi, Sydney

A popular beach for backpackers and international visitors, Bondi Beach is one of Australia's most renown beaches. In 2007, 1,010 women wearing bikinis took part in the largest swimsuit photo that took place on Bondi Beach ultimately making it in the Guinness World Records.

7. Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Hyams Beach has been listed by the Guinness World Records to contain the whitest sand in the world. The beach is one of the popular bays in Jervis Bay, containing its very own snorkeling spot.

8. Cape Tribulation Beach in Queensland

Cape Tribulation Beach is located within Daintree National Park, which makes it another perfect secluded hidden beach. Also perfect for those who enjoy national wildlife, with many areas of the national park available to explore.

9. Squeaky Beach in Gippsland, Victoria

Squeaky Beach tends to live up to its name with sand that squeaks the moment you stand on it. The beach contains rock formations at the north end, which creates a formation of a maze for adventurers to explore.

10. Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell Beach is one of the only two beaches in the world that has its entire area made out of shells. The shell "sand" is up to 10 metres deep and stretches for over 120 kilometres.

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