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    If The Word "Hug" Sends You Into A Sweaty Frenzy, You Will Definitely Relate To This Post

    Your favorite type of hug is no hug.

    1. You know you hate hugs if your heart starts beating rapidly and your palms get sweaty when you're greeted with open arms instead of a quick wave.

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    2. You've tried to conceal your distaste for hugs, but it's basically impossible. Everyone knows it's your deepest, darkest secret. *sigh*


    3. You think physical contact with other humans beings is the ABSOLUTE worst, and wish people wouldn't invade your personal space.


    4. You don't understand why people take pleasure in pressing their warm bodies onto other warm bodies and squeezing tightly. It makes absolutely no sense. ZERO!

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    5. You dislike hugs so much that you've considered not hanging out with friends or going on a date just to avoid having to hug them at the end of the night.

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    6. Oh, and you’ve definitely made situations suuuuuper awkward by trying to dodge a hug from a family member.


    7. Like, I'm getting secondhand embarrassment just thinking about it!!!

    8. You aren't even that upset when you catch a cold because it gives you an excuse to avoid dreaded hugs. PLEASE. STEP. AWAY. *COUGH* *COUGH*


    9. You figure you'd be a millionaire if you got a dollar every time someone said, "It's just a hug" when they learn of your hug hatred.


    10. You know there's no one more annoying in the ENTIRE universe than that person who has to ask for a hug... 😒

    AfroGoddd / Via Twitter: @AfroGoddd

    11. So you try your absolute hardest to not associate or come in contact with "huggers." To you, they are equivalent to the plague.

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    12. You absolutely can't deal with strangers who swoop in for a hug. Like, can you NOT enter my bubble, who even are you??? #Rude

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    13. You also despise people who still hug you even though they know you dislike it. What kind of sick person does that?!

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    14. Sometimes you wonder why you loathe hugs so much. Is it because you're a bad hugger or because you just hate human physical contact?

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    15. Or is it because you never really know what to do with your hands? Or how much pressure you should apply to the other person's body? Or even how long a hug should last? WHY ARE THERE NO RULES?!

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    16. I mean, you still try to comfort people when they're feeling down. You're not a soulless monster — you're just not about the whole hugging thing.


    17. You'd rather make people feel better with the power of words. Like, is a hug reeeeally going to make everything okay? I think not. 😌

    Nicole Martinez / NBC / Via Twitter: @Nicole_Tweetss

    18. And you'd like to set the record straight and let others know that just because you detest hugs, it doesn't mean you're not friendly. You have a soul! You have feelings!!!!


    19. And finally, though you don't hug people often, when you do, you know that person is near and dear to your heart. (But you still hate it.)


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