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Why Is Proposing At Someone’s Wedding Even A Thing?

"If you propose at my wedding, I'm sending half of the bill to you."

Weddings are a joyous event and a special occasion to celebrate the union of a couple.


ONE COUPLE, that is.

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You probably wouldn't wear white to someone's wedding, so it's probably not a great idea to propose.


UNLESS you've asked the couple for permission and they're 100% on board with it, then that's totally fine.

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It's even better when the people getting married are in on the plan!

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SEE, everyone's happy! 😌

Bride secretly plans best friend's surprise proposal — at her own wedding


BUUUT sometimes there are couples who get an unwelcome surprise and end up upstaged at their own wedding.

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"He got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. She said yes. I played it off and offered them a round of applause. We all cheered but it derailed the evening for sure."

And it just makes things a bit awkward for everybody.

crystalsmuse / Via

"The bride and groom looked happy and congratulated them, but I could tell they were pissed."

Remember the bride who wrote into Slate's advice column about the groom's best man who not only proposed to his girlfriend, but ALSO announced their pregnancy? #SadTimes

Look at this nightmare y'all. I absolutely wouldn't speak to John or Jane ever again.


I mean does the one proposing not see anything wrong with taking away the spotlight from the newlyweds??? How about the one being proposed to?



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  1. What do you think of people who propose at someone else's wedding?

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What do you think of people who propose at someone else's wedding?
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    They're RUDE AF! There are 364 other days in the year to do that.
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    It's totally fine if they get permission.
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    I feel bad for the person being proposed to. Talk about an awkward situation to be in.
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    It's not a big deal, you need to calm the hell down.