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Why Is Proposing At Someone’s Wedding Even A Thing?

"If you propose at my wedding, I'm sending half of the bill to you."

Weddings are a joyous event and a special occasion to celebrate the union of a couple.

ONE COUPLE, that is.

You probably wouldn't wear white to someone's wedding, so it's probably not a great idea to propose.

UNLESS you've asked the couple for permission and they're 100% on board with it, then that's totally fine.

It's even better when the people getting married are in on the plan!

SEE, everyone's happy! 😌

Bride secretly plans best friend's surprise proposal — at her own wedding


BUUUT sometimes there are couples who get an unwelcome surprise and end up upstaged at their own wedding.

And it just makes things a bit awkward for everybody.

Remember the bride who wrote into Slate's advice column about the groom's best man who not only proposed to his girlfriend, but ALSO announced their pregnancy? #SadTimes

Look at this nightmare y'all. I absolutely wouldn't speak to John or Jane ever again.


I mean does the one proposing not see anything wrong with taking away the spotlight from the newlyweds??? How about the one being proposed to?