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    Things People Who Were Raised By An Asian Mom Can Relate To

    Mom: *knocks on fruit* This is ripe.

    1. You weren't allowed to eat things like Lunchables or Kid Cuisine and it was DEVASTATING!


    2. You might've had a school lunch that looked like this.

    moongardenstitches / Via

    3. You had to make sure to take your shoes off before entering the house.

    4. You thought this was a drying rack.

    IAW / Via

    5. You had to clear out the oven before using it because that's where all the pots and pans were stored.

    Guardado por / Via

    6. You kept your plastic bags inside of more plastic bags because no one should have to pay for trash bags.

    The Tartankiwi / Via

    7. You knew that inside this container was the sewing kit and not yummy Danish cookies.

    Amazon / Via

    8. You were only allowed to purchase things that were on sale or that cost less because of coupons. Paying full price was discouraged. 🚫


    9. You would often sit in the living room after dinner and eat fruit while watching Asian dramas as a family.


    10. You weren't allowed to attend sleepovers because you had a perfectly good bed at home. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    JustKiddingFilms / Via

    11. You had to ask for permission before going out (if you were even allowed) and be specific about where you were going and with who.

    IISuperwomanII / Via

    12. You were regularly told certain foods would make you smarter or clear up acne, just to get you to eat it. Like soup, fruit, chicken feet, and basically any food ever.

    13. You had to get straight A's, attend after-school programs, do extracurricular activities...

    Studio Chizu/Madhouse

    14. ...and learn an instrument on top of it all. (Piano was preferred.)

    Motema Records

    15. You knew to NEVER, EVER talk back — like, EVER!

    IISuperwomanII / Via

    16. You could never sleep in on weekends because your mom was already up doing housework and she didn't care about being quiet.


    17. You felt very confused at family gatherings when introduced to relatives you'd never heard of or seen in your entire life.

    asiangirl101_ / Via Twitter: @asiangirl101_

    18. You never had to worry about calendars for the new year.

    GrowingUpAsian / Via Twitter: @GrowingUpAsian

    19. You were constantly reminded to avoid the sun, and if you had to go out, you couldn't leave the house without applying layers of sunblock.

    SLB ुुFilms / Via

    20. You weren't surprised when you'd randomly receive comments about your weight. First you're too fat, then you're too skinny.

    xjayminkookx / Via Twitter: @xjayminkookx

    21. You had various household items covered in plastic.

    vyasshruti / Via Twitter: @vyasshruti

    22. You didn't go to the doctor often because oils like these would supposedly cure all.

    Amazon / Via ( (

    23. You had a collection of hotel toiletries, extra napkins, plastic utensils, and packet condiments somewhere at home.

    joelawrence82 / Via Twitter: @search

    24. You knew that there was no dating allowed until you were married. 🙃

    GIPHY / Via

    25. And lastly, you know that life wouldn't be the same if your mom hadn't raised you this way, and you love her for it.


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