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16 Tweets For People Who Are Petty AF And Hate Their Ex

"Can't figure out what's more shady...the eclipse or my ex."

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1. This IRL moment:

Jessica_Cookson / Via Twitter: @Jessica_Cookson

2. This hypothetical scenario:

zahiraxo / Via Twitter: @zahiraxo

3. This warning:

sheeznikkij / Via Twitter: @sheeznikkij

4. This sincere question:

rodcor7es / Via Twitter: @rodcor7es

5. This sale:

grumpykat42 / Via Twitter: @grumpykat42

6. And, this grand entrance:

me making my grand entrance at a party my ex is at:

kelseydarragh / Via Twitter: @kelseydarragh

7. This feeling of pity:

6Iackk / Via Twitter: @6Iackk

8. This footage:

1TRACYY / Via Twitter: @1TRACYY

9. This conundrum:

hunterherndon10 / Via Twitter: @hunterherndon10

10. This event:

jordnich90 / Via Twitter: @jordnich90

11. And this suggestion:


12. This food for thought:

_xoxomari_ / Via Twitter: @_xoxomari_

13. This shocking discovery:

JessicaRasetti / Via Twitter: @JessicaRasetti

14. This text:

tinatbh / Via Twitter: @tinatbh

15. This one-and-only truth:

Powerful / Via Twitter: @Powerful

16. And finally, this inspirational speech:

valgotdajuice / Via Twitter: @valgotdajuice

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