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23 Reasons Why You Need A French Bulldog Absolutely Immediately

It's real.

1. Because hi

"Good morning, it's me."

2. Because you can morning snuggle with this

"I will lay here with you forever because I love you forever."

3. But also they get that you may need your beauty rest

"No pictures please. Five more minutes."

4. They will split that ice cream with you

"Our diet starts tomorrow!"

5. But also be there for you on weigh in day

"Look away, I am ashamed."

6. They understand Harry Potter Weekend

"It's Wingardium LeviOsa, not LevioSA!"

7. And Shark Week

"I am just taking a nap between commercial breaks. I be there in 5."

8. They will do yoga with you

"We gots the same rolls. This my twin."

9. And Cobra is their favorite pose too!

"Oh my goodness Namaste."

10. They make the best dinner date

"I would like my steak medium rare plz."

11. Spa day partner

"U think acrylic or gel?"

12. And party date

"It is I, Gatsby, please bring the car 'round."

13. They will help you garden

"I iz raking leavz today please plan accordingly."

14. And because oh my gosh look this one got you a flower

"Roses are red, violets are blue. I am a French Bulldog, buy me."

15. Because they will be there for you on game day


16. But also be sneaky with you when you want to skip practice

"WE hurt our feetz, remember?"

17. Because she's just bein' Miley


18. But also still slightly confused about Miley too.

"was the foam finger necessary idkz."

19. Because I bet you did not even know they are prehistoric!


20. You need a French Bulldog because even though they have their moments

"What makes the universe go 'round? How French iz i?"

21. They are absolutely perfect

"I smellz only love and chew toys."

22. And Wonderful

"I will cuddle with you for approximately 8,700 hours."

23. And Leo has one


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