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For All Those Impatiently Waiting For Summer

Winter haters unite. We're the type of people that really don't understand the people that love the cold so much, when you cannot feel your fingers or toes. But we still appreciate those of you that do.

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  1. 1. 21 Thoughts People Who Hate The Cold Have

    You dread leaving the house.
    But when you do, you have about 5 different layers on.
    But you're still cold.
    You often see people walking around without a coat, or in a t-shirt, or even worse - bare legs.
    How are you alive right now?!
    Yourself, on other hand - dressed like you're in Antartica.
    Hood up with the fur that gets in your eyes and temporarily blinds you and all.
    You have 2-3 pairs of socks on, but your feet are STILL numb.
    What fresh hell is this *sobs*
    Counting down the days when you can wear your nice summer clothes without getting frostbite.
    Hating - but secretly envying - people that are going on holiday at this time of year.
    Take me with you!
    No? Okay...
    When the dreaded snow warnings start coming through..snow no. (sorry haha)
    The cold makes you legit miserable.
    You wish you could hibernate until it was all over.
    Or lived somewhere warmer.
    Your body aches.
    Hell your heart aches...for warmth.
    You've taken days off to avoid going outside.
    You know how miserable you sound when you moan about the cold so much, but you dgaf.

For All Those Impatiently Waiting For Summer

what sorcery is this. give me your powers.

You can handle the cold, or you actually enjoy it.
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yep, the winter season is an ice cold bag of nope for you. permission to stay in your warm bed and watch netflix till it's over.

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