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    These Couples Tried Sensual Yoga And Things Got Steamy

    "Maybe set aside time after..."

    We found three couples willing to try sensual yoga under the direction of Ella Cojocaru and Josh Blau, and they were feeling it.

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    Couples yoga creates a space to be a little more intimate, to laugh, and connect with someone else.

    Even before beginning, the couples knew this was about to be a sexxxxxxxual experience, AND THEIR BODIES WERE READY.

    They also knew there might be some balance required and things could get tricky.

    The first position they tried was plank on plank:

    They pretty much nailed it when the bigger person was on the bottom...

    ...But not so much the other way around.

    Things were already getting sweaty out there.

    Next up was this crazy move:


    After some time, they started to get the hang of it.

    But again, switching up positions proved to be less successful.

    Now it was time for a very sensual pose:

    Ooo la la!

    Finally, this intimate move:


    After the experience, the couples all felt a lot closer and appreciated each other a lot.

    They were also totally ready to get it on.