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11 Reasons To Love The Minnesota Vikings

We come from the land of the ice & snow...

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10. Ragnar


Joe Juranitch is Ragnar the Vikings mascot. He is the only "human" mascot in professional sports and has not missed a Vikings game since starting in 1994.

BONUS: Joe set the world record for shaving a beard with an axe (8 minutes and 43 seconds) in 1982 and it still stands today.

9. The Purple People Eaters


Once upon a time, the Vikings boasted one of the greatest defensive lines in NFL history, The Purple People Eaters. Made up of Alan Page (1971 MVP, HOF), Carl Eller (HOF), Jim Marshall, and Gary Larsen, they earned a record four trips to the Super Bowl. Eller, Page, and Marshall started in every one of them.


7. The Fight Song

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Skol is a Scandinavian word for "cheers," or "good health," a salute or a toast, as to an admired person or group

Skol Vikings, let's win this game,

Skol Vikings, honor your name,

Go get that first down,

Then get a touchdown.

Rock 'em . . . Sock 'em

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Go Vikings, run up the score,

You'll hear us yell for more. . .


Skol, Vikings, let's go!

6. Jared Allen


#69, the man, the muscle, the mullet. A long-time supporter of veterans, he started Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors in 2010, a charity to provide handicap-accessible homes for veterans returning from duty. Allen also boasts one of the best sack celebrations in the NFL

BONUS: Jared hunting elk with a spear.

5. Gjallarhorn


During home games, the Vikings' Gjallarhorn is sounded after the team has made a big play, gets a first down, or scores a touchdown. The team also uses the horn during its pre-game ceremonies with a special guest to sound the gjallarhorn to signify the Vikings are coming.

4. Green Bay Rivalry


This battle in the frozen north is one of the best rivalries in the NFL, nay - all of sports. Also the sight of green and yellow is always tough for Minnesotans (RIP North Stars). But, is there anything worse than losing to those cheese heads?

answer: no


3. New Stadium


The new Minnesota stadium opens in 2016. It will hold up to 72,000 spectators and features 8,000 club seats, 7 club lounges, 87 suites, 800 high-def TV's,wireless internet, and the new Vikings Hall of Legends. Take a full virtual tour here.

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