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    25 Stages Of MA Creative Writing.

    It's not all about buying nice pens.

    1. The excitement of getting a place on the course. / Via

    It kind of feels like you're a winner already.

    2. Realising how much money you have just committed to spend.

    Hey, you you can live perfectly well with just the one kidney.

    3. Buying Stationery. / Via


    4. Feeling confident. / Via

    Because you've been writing for years. I mean, you've been writing since you could hold a pen. Quantity equals quality, right?

    5. The first time your writing is professionally critiqued. / Via

    And realising it sucks.

    6. Accepting the critique graciously.

    7. Although to be honest you thought it was kind of OK. / Via


    8. Being reminded about classroom politics. / Via

    Especially if more than five years have elapsed since you were last in a classroom.

    9. Getting in your writing groove. / Via

    You've invested in yourself and finally have the time and space to write. Maybe you are inspired to write something you never tried before. A screenplay. A stage play! An epic poem! For the first time this feels like, you know, SERIOUS writing.

    10. Well, for a while at least.


    11. Being mildly intimidated at the talent that surrounds you. / Via


    12. Actually taking the time to learn some grammar.

    And realising how your writing doesn't suck as much once you have removed comma splices and sorted out your tenses.

    13. Reading lots of books and learning from other writers. / Via

    This involves libraries. Or Amazon. Hey, one step at a time. You probably still have a few quid over from that kidney sale and the library doesn't deliver.

    14. Reading all that shit fast.

    15. Discovering amazing new writers.

    Some of them might even be your fellow students.

    16. And figuring out the types of writing you can take or leave. / Via

    At least your opinions will be better informed and you can use lots of fancy words to prove your point.

    17. Falling back in love with libraries. / Via

    Especially when you remember they're like Amazon but free.

    18. Learning the mantra "show don't tell." / Via

    Even though that would be weirdly passive‐aggressive in any other sphere of life.

    19. Learning about the subtlety of Screenwriting... / Via giphy

    20. Coming up with a beautiful and original idea. / Via

    This piece of prose will be AMAZING. Oh yes. I can't believe no one has explored these themes/thought of this plot before.

    21. Then seeing the EXACT same thing on TV already.

    In a movie from 1982. Based on a book from 1882. About an Ancient Greek myth. Oh well.

    22. Getting bad grades on coursework.

    But at least the feedback gives you a few clues about what you're doing wrong. Who knew characters aren't convincing when they look in the mirror and consider their own features? Well YOU do now!

    23. Getting good grades on your coursework.

    Knowing that for a brief moment, your writing didn't actually suck.

    24. Finding people who love writing as much as you do. / Via

    You're part of an enormous community of writers and some of the stuff you've written officially doesn't suck. And you have documents to prove it. Well done!

    25. And hey, maybe Emma was right...

    The world's your oyster. Although to be honest you could probably make up a better idiom than that now. FACT.

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