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    25 Stages Of MA Creative Writing.

    It's not all about buying nice pens.

    1. The excitement of getting a place on the course.

    2. Realising how much money you have just committed to spend.

    3. Buying Stationery.

    4. Feeling confident.

    5. The first time your writing is professionally critiqued.

    6. Accepting the critique graciously.

    7. Although to be honest you thought it was kind of OK.

    8. Being reminded about classroom politics.

    9. Getting in your writing groove.

    10. Well, for a while at least.

    11. Being mildly intimidated at the talent that surrounds you.

    12. Actually taking the time to learn some grammar.

    13. Reading lots of books and learning from other writers.

    14. Reading all that shit fast.

    15. Discovering amazing new writers.

    16. And figuring out the types of writing you can take or leave.

    17. Falling back in love with libraries.

    18. Learning the mantra "show don't tell."

    19. Learning about the subtlety of Screenwriting...

    20. Coming up with a beautiful and original idea.

    21. Then seeing the EXACT same thing on TV already.

    22. Getting bad grades on coursework.

    23. Getting good grades on your coursework.

    24. Finding people who love writing as much as you do.

    25. And hey, maybe Emma was right...