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    Why The 'Min Min Lights' Are The Scariest Things In Australia That You've Never Heard Of

    Move over Wolf Creek, there's a new thing in the bush that's going to ruin Outback Australia's tourism.

    Min Min Lights is the name given to the mysterious lights which have been spotted numerous times in Outback Australia.

    The name originates from the small settlement of Min Min, located between Boulia and Winton, where the lights were first spotted by a stockman in 1918.

    The local towns around the area take great pride in the mysterious lights.

    The fear of the lights have brought grown men to tears.

    But what is it about these lights that make people fear going into the outback?

    Stories have circulated for decades of the lights appearing in front of cars while driving in the outback.

    The drivers would then follow these lights never to be seen again.

    Stories about the lights can be found in Aborigial myths dating back to before Western settlement. Long before it became folklore.

    The sightings of these lights increased dramatically upon the arrival of the Europeans.

    It is said that anyone who tried to chase the lights will never return to tell the tale.

    Now you know why you've never heard anyone ever talk about this.

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    It's even got Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek lost for words.