Ever Wondered What WWE Superstars Get Paid?

John Cena, wanna help me pay off my student debt?

1. Booker T

Annual salary: $72,520 plus first class travel and accommodation. That’s for one day of work a week, announcing a pre-taped show. Sign me up!

2. Alicia Fox

Annual salary: $72,520. Pretty low salary, it’s starting to make me think that her weekly on-air tantrums are legit.

3. Natalya

Annual salary: $74,410. For the best technical diva on the roster? I think you need to whip out the sharpshooter when you negotiate your next contract Nattie. Oh, and while you’re at it make sure they put Tyson Kidd on TV!

4. Jinder Mahal

Annual salary: $75,000. R.I.P 3MB :(

5. Jack Swagger

Annual salary: $75,000. Remember when this guy was the World Heavyweight Champion?

6. Darren Young

Annual salary: $80,145. Where has this guy been since they split Prime Time Players?

7. Layla

Annual salary: $86,450. All that to dance alongside Fandango a couple of times a week?!

8. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Annual salary: $104,300 plus first class travel and accommodation. Whatever this guy gets, he deserves.

9. AJ

Annual salary: $104,300. Plus she is married to C.M Punk….winning!

10. Michael Cole

Annual salary: $109,475. He was a war reporter you know.

11. Zack Ryder

Annual salary: $135,050 plus 1.5% of sales from his merchandise. WOO WOO WOO, #PUSHRYDER

12. Brodus Clay

Annual salary: $170,000. Why did WWE fire him is beyond me. So much potential.

13. Kofi Kingston

Annual salary: $254,200. I think the only reason he is kept around is for the Royal Rumble each year.

14. Cody Rhodes

Annual salary: $494,500. Includes face paint allowance so he can now be Stardust!

15. Tensai/Sweet T/A-Train/Albert/Prince Albert/Jason Albert

Annual salary: $520,000. There has to be a mistake here.

16. Dolph Ziggler

Annual salary: $540,230. “Give this man more money!” - The internet.

17. Christian

Annual salary: $595,000 including first class travel.

18. Daniel Bryan


Annual salary: $620,470. Surely he has to be paid more now! He is the companies top guy!

19. Alberto Del Rio

Annual Salary: $675,000 plus first class travel. But you already knew that.

20. The Miz

Annual salary: $712,000, plus a movie deal with WWE films. Did we mention that he is married to Maryse? Damn you Miz!

21. Mark Henry

Annual salary: $877,000 plus first class travel. No smart-ass comment here. Carry on Mark.

22. Kane


Annual salary: $905,000. Includes first class travel and accommodation. The guy has been with the company non-stop for 15+ years, he deserves everything.

23. The Great Khali

Annual salary: $974,000. Yes I know what you’re all thinking, how?!

24. Rey Mysterio

Annual salary: $985,000 plus 4% of sales from his own merchandise.

25. Sheamus

Annual salary: $1,000,000. Includes first class travel. All that money, still no time for a visit to the tanning salon.

26. Big Show


Annual salary: $1,000,000. Plus a personal tour bus.

27. CM Punk

Bleacher Report

Annual salary: $1,200,000. Includes a personal tour bus, first class travel and accommodation. PLEASE COME BACK PUNK!

28. Randy Orton


Annual salary: $1,600,000. Personal tour bus provided.

29. John Cena


Annual salary: $2,750,000. includes first class travel and accommodation, and 6.25% of merchandise sales. SOURCE.

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