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Definitive Proof That Kim Jong-Un Can Steal Your Girlfriend

Kim Jong-Un is on the loose!

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His presence makes women weak at the knees.

The ladies can tell him anything.

They cling to him like magnets.

He does not even know what Tinder is and look at him!

He has the charisma to fill a room with laughter.

That smile is the smile of a man who can steal your girlfriend at any given moment.

Like seagulls on a french fly, they flock to him.

He has entire soccer teams want him, AT THE SAME TIME!

Ladies, ladies, please! There's enough of Big Kim to go around.

There is no age too old for Kim Jong-Un. So not only should you hide your girlfriends, but your grandmothers too!

Take a number girls!

Her facial expression needs no caption.

He is more loved by teenage girls than One Direction. Harry who?

Oh Kimmy you're so fine! You're so fine you blow my mind, HEY KIMMY!

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