22 Things You Can Do During “The Game Of Thrones” Intro

At 1 minute and 40 seconds Game of Thrones has one of the longest intros in television. You’ve got plenty of time to accomplish a lot.

2. 1. First, the easy things like getting some snacks from the kitchen.

But that was quick and simple and this intro is LONG! So what are some other things that are possible?

3. 2. Walk outside and get your fresh air for the day.

There’s a high chance you’ve been watching GoT in marathon mode, so get outside and quickly get your vitamin D!

4. 3. Shut the door and lock it. You don’t want anyone walking in during a nude scene.

Fox / Via giphy.com


5. 4. Do the weekly check on your 93-year-old neighbour to make sure she’s not dead.

CBS / Via tumblr.com

“Mrs. Alexandria, is everything ok?”

6. 5. Attempt to actually read the Song of Ice and Fire series for the 72nd time and give up by page 2.

The Weinstein Company / Via giphy.com

Urgh. Words!

7. 6. Burn all of books as they collect dust. Let’s be honest, you’re never gonna read them.

Who needs books when you have HBO?

8. 7. Having that tweet ready to post when the episode finishes.

Be honest you fanboy. You’re gonna post it no matter what.

9. 8. Watch the greatest video in the history of the internet. TWICE!


10. 9. Watch the intro for Breaking Bad SIX times.

Still waiting on that new show Vince Gilligan!

11. 10. Or watch Tyrion Lannister attack Will Ferrell in Elf.

12. 11. Play with your “Valyrian steel.”

You think I’m running out of ideas by putting a masturbate joke in the list? The intro is 1 minute 40! It’s definitely do-able!

13. 12. Check out IMDB to find out about this new Silicon Valley show that airs straight after.

“Ok TJ Miller is in it. He was funny in She’s Out of My League.

14. 13. And while you’re on your phone you go to Facebook and discover that girl you’ve been flirting with for 3 months in now “in a relationship.”

15. 14. But then you remember who your true love is: Daenerys Targaryen.

HBO / Via tumblr.com

16. 15. Continue your personal quest on how to correctly pronounce “Daenerys Targaryen.”

17. 16. Get a box of tissues ready as there’s a high chance that one of your favourite characters will die.

NBC / Via gifsoup.com

You shouldn’t have to do this if you did #9 on the list.

18. 17. While you are doing this you suddenly remember the Red Wedding.

Still hurts.

19. 18. Throw a dart at this bad boy that you made in between seasons.

20. 19. The darts are not doing your hatred for this little shit any justice, so a flamethrower it is!

Fox / Via randomgif.com

21. 20. Don’t have a flamethrower? Make one. You have the time, trust me.

It’s actually really easy.

22. 21. Try once more and see if you can enter the minds of animals.

Ok, so we can’t all be Bran Stark.

23. 22. Get as comfortable as possible. Because the next hour is going to be amazing!

Cartoon Network / Via ramenjesus.tumblr.com

Enjoy season 4!

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