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5 Sites That Make Back To School Bearable

Because it's that time of year again

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Study Blue - For your studying blues

StudyBlue is an studying platform based on the web that allows high school and college students upload and review studying material, as well as share content with their classmates and even generate practice quizzes and more.

Rate My Study Abroad - The Biggest Source of Study Abroad Peer Reviews

In case you haven't noticed, we're kind of big on reviews at Web Espy. RMSA is for students to check and post reviews to help students like themselves find the best higher learning experience away from home.

Mint - More Than A Breath Mint

Mint is an online service geared towards the betterment of American fiscal management. What does it mean for students? You can track how much you're spending on Red Bull, Starbucks and cheap vodka!

Date My School - Find Your Class Crush

An interesting idea to help students meet each other. If you're heading back to school or especially if its your first year on campus, wise up and look for a few friends or perhaps a little something extra on Date My School. Good luck!

Rate My Professors - Please Rate Responsibly

Where would our schedules be without RMP? Admit it, you've all done investigating on every available professors for the classes you wanted to take and in the end you choose those with the best ratings. While RMP is experience and opinion based, it's great to get a glimpse of what you might be dealing with or lucky enough to have!

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