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My Dad... The Photographer!

Keith Woodard Photography is the view of the world through Keith's camera lens. Already a renowned wedding photographer with his wife, Ev, his landscape work is simply a marvel to behold. He is also my dad and in a completely unbiased opinion, the greatest photographer in the world... the world just doesn't know it yet.

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"Herbert Bridge"


"Beach Hut"

"Sun Searching"


"Beach Chair"

"Winter Sunset"

"James Joyce Bridge"


"Life Saver"


"O' Donoghue's Mill"

"Farmstead in the Snow"

"Petrol Pump"

Holiday Park



"Parking Spaces"

"Gap Bridge"

"Old Rolling Stock"


"Boat in the Mist"

"Glistening in the Rain"







"Whispering Waters"

"On Golden Pond"

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