18 Reasons Hollyoaks Is The Best Soap

Channel 4’s soap turned 18 this week and to celebrate its coming of age, here are the 18 best things about it.

1. The cast are very, very glam

2. Seriously… seriously glam

3. And they get on really well in real life and go on glam holidays to places like Ibiza

Max Lawless / Via digitalspy.co.uk

And look really fab in their bikinis whilst they’re at it

4. And the park…

Pete Goddard / Splash News / Via dailymail.co.uk

5. But some of the acting is actually very, very good…

This is Claire Cooper picking up best actress at the British Soap Awards 2013 for her role as Jacqui McQueen.

And the cast go on to big things

BBC / Via tv.uk.msn.com

Emmett J Scanlan now stars in BBC2’s amazing “The Fall”

6. The McQueen family are the sassiest and best family in any soap… and they know it

Lime Pictures / Via digitalspy.co.uk

R.I.P MYRA (even though she’s not really dead)

7. Although the new Roscoe family are edging closer to stealing the title

Oh HEY Gillian Taylforth!!

Can’t think why… OH WAIT

Lime Pictures / Via digitalspy.co.uk


8. Murderers are sexy…

Lime Pictures / Via digitalspy.co.uk

9. … And date each other in real life

Awwwwww <3

10. At some time or another, your favourite character will likely turn gay

Lime Pictures / Via channel4.com

11. Which is 100% a good thing, as this relationship was probably the best and most romantic yet painful thing to be emotionally involved with



Even though it ended in total heartbreak

Lime Pictures / Via digitalspy.co.uk

There is no hope for love.. for anyone… ever.

12. Danny Mac aka “Dodger” consistently wins sexiest male at pretty much every soap awards

Oh… my… god.

13. Darren Osborne has gone from wearing string vests…


To being a god of the dancefloor


14. Tony is still there, and has been since day 1

Lime Pictures / Via channel4.com

And gave every viewer goosebumps this week when he was freed of cancer

15. It has the nicest student halls of residence in the whole of the country

16. When you giggle at your favourite characters saying “sh*g” and “sh*t” in the late night specials

Channel 4 / Via digitalspy.co.uk

17. That scene after the credits

Channel 4 / Via youtube

30 seconds of pointless TV gold

18. And finally… LITTLE TOM!!!

Lime Pictures / Via reveal.co.uk

Soap’s best ever child star.


Here’s to 18 more years!

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