10 Signs You May Be Addicted To Eating Ice

HOW COOL IS ICE? Answer: really cool. See what I did there?

1. A drink is not “finished” until you have eaten all the ice cubes.

2. People often stare at you for your loud chewing.

Don’t mind them. They just don’t understand.

3. You go to certain places just so you can have their ice.

Fact: When it snows in heaven, it snows Sonic ice.

4. You have a favorite type of ice cube.

…and you get inexplicably happy once you find somewhere that has that ice.

Is Ice Cube still a thing?

5. It’s not uncommon that you’ll order a plain snow cone.

6. You get angry when a waiter/waitress refills your drink when you’re still eating the ice.

THAT’S RIGHT. You and your little pitcher can just back the fuck away now.

7. You ignore all the h8ers that constantly remind you of the negative effects of chewing ice and instead bombard them with cool ice facts.

“Your teeth are going to have—”
“You can burn 1lb of fat just by eating a ton of ice, BITCH”

8. Your favorite pastime is catching snowflakes on your tongue.

9. You ignore the pain you sometimes have in your jaw from eating too much ice.

Lemme just put some ice on it….

10. Reading this post has just made you think about how much you want some ice.


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