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    This Guy Used Over 4,000 Rolls To Toilet Paper Howie Mandel's House

    What a sh*tty thing to do to someone.

    Entertainer Howie Mandel lives in Los Angeles, California and was out of town. That was the perfect opportunity for prankster Roman Atwood to pull a MASSIVE toilet paper prank on his friend. Check it out here:

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    Roman Atwood / Via

    Howie's wife and son were in on the fun!

    There was an EVIL ass laugh that started the fun...

    Followed by what was MOUNDS of TP!

    And, so it began...

    We're not sure if Howie was in on it, but this is how he reacted...


    When it was time to clean up, Roman was out of there! Howie on the other hand....

    If only Peter Griffin was there to lend a helping hand!