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This Kid Dancing To Pharrell's "Happy" At A Basketball Game Will Give You Life

So good it's hard to turn away!

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On March 20th, Peyton "Peanut" Henderson attended the Kentucky High School Boys' State Basketball tournament. But he wasn't there just to watch basketball, during halftime he took it to another level while dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

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KentuckyBleacherButt shared another angle of the fab boogie on Twitter, saying Peyton "brought the house down." You'll see why...

He started with a simple clapping sway...

Via Facebook: video.php

He was just getting warmed up!

Before long, ALL eyes were on Peyton, so he busted out into this fancy little number to keep everyone captivated...

Via Twitter: @KYBleacherButt

...something we all wish we could do!


And this is why this song will NEVER die...

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