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This Guy Wore A Suit Onesie For A Week And No One Could Tell The Difference

Comfort definitely exceeds professionalism. Right, guys?

Greg Ferenstein, the founder of the Ferenstein Wire, wore the "Suitsy" prototype around San Francisco for a week and no one called him out for it. And in this video, he demonstrated how quickly it can come off.

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If only undressing in regular clothes were this easy!!!

Ferenstein even wore the "Suitsy" to a political campaign event for Rand Paul. This snazzy invention is a onesie designed to look like a suit and is actually a real thing. It's available for preorder now.

He described the onesie as a sort of professional Snuggie. "The Suitsy is incredibly comfortable," he said. "It's like wearing a blanket to a business meeting."

Ferenstein apparently unzipped just like that at the Rand Paul event in front of a group of unsuspecting attendees. He explained that the general reaction was "as if Criss Angel had just made a statue of Ronald Reagan appear out of thin air. 'Whaaa?! No way!'"

I mean, would you be able to spot the difference? Here he is wearing a real suit on the left and the "fake" suit on the right.