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Cookie From "Empire" Shows Up At Kings Landing In "Game Of Thrones" Parody

Is Kings Landing ready for Cookie?

Two-hit shows. Two bad-ass casts. Has your mind ever wandered and thought... what if Cookie's crazy antics took over the 5th season of Game of Thrones? Stop it right now because Mandatory breaks it all down for ya in this video.

Mandatory / Via Facebook: video.php

I don't think Westeros knows what is about to hit it!

Mandatory / Via Facebook: video.php

Before we go on, Cookie wanted to address a hater in the comments of this video, who said, "Cookie wouldn't last five seconds in GoT before someone would put an axe between her skull."

FOX / Via


Anyway, back to the action. This season a new queen will emerge.

Mandatory / Via Facebook: video.php

Oh, shit. All sorts of ~reading~ going on.

Blood will spill.

Mandatory / Via Facebook: video.php

Dammmn, Cookie is like, "gimme this damn throne" ...and they mad!

But cookies will crumble. In true Cookie-style, she can't help but throw another shoe!

Mandatory / Via Facebook: video.php

And when the empire is threatened...

Mandatory / Via Facebook: video.php

Never saw that coming!

No matter what, she will always remain SASSY!

Mandatory / Via Facebook: video.php

Oh man, is she ready for the THRONE tho?

At least we know Cookie would get along with Queen Cersei.


Because... why not?

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