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    22 Times Cookie Lyon From "Empire" Slayed National Television

    And it's only just the beginning!

    1. She really doesn't give a shit who you are.

    2. She takes a page from Nene Leakes' book when walking into a room...and OWNS it!

    3. She wants respect and pretty much will do whatever it takes to get it.

    4. Only Cookie could say this and make us believe it:

    5. You really shouldn't mess with her.

    6. She will shut it down!

    7. So buck off!

    8. She slays leopard like nobody else!

    9. Slay, everyday.

    10. Continuously...

    11. You never want to meet that finger.

    12. And you can't hide from her.

    13. She knows what a debutante is.

    14. And she's not afraid to speak her mind.

    15. And she always goes right for the throat.

    16. When all else fails, just thank god she hasn't come for you yet.

    17. Count your blessings where that's concerned.

    18. Cookie will pierce you.

    19. And she's going to get what belongs to her.

    20. Only Cookie can wink with such disdain.

    21. And she fears nothing.

    22. When all else fails, just thank the TV Gods for giving us Cookie.