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17 Things Understood By The Extremely Lazy

It took me months to get around to writing this

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1. You're lazy and you know it

Parks and Recreation

2. You hate being forced to go places

Adventure Time

3. You constantly search for the easiest way to get food into your mouth

American Dad

4. You know exactly how you would use Jedi powers if you had them

The B in Apt. 23

5. No one has properly explained to you why all meals don't end with a nap

Adventure Time

6. You wear sweatpants as much as you possibly can

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

7. You live in constant fear that someone might make you go do something


8. Or even worse, do physical activity

Tim and Eric Awesome Show

9. Thankfully you always have a way around it

Pitch Perfect

10. Thankfully, you're friends are just as lazy as you

The Lion King

11. They are always there to help you with your biggest problems

Jim Gaffigan

12. I mean, as long as though don't have to get up off the couch

Powerpuff Girls

13. You know way too many people who harass you about your laziness

Spongebob Squarepants

14. But you never let it get to you

Office Space

15. Even though your laziness has occasionally gotten you into trouble

The Simpsons

16. But you're not gonna change, because you're happy with who you are


17. Or you're not changing for some other reason...

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

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