17 Reasons Monday Night Raw Is Better Than Monday Night Football

What would you rather watch: The Vikings versus The Giants, or actual Vikings fighting actual giants?

1. The “Performance Enhancers” are better.

2. When opponents get blown out, it’s on purpose. And entertaining.

3. There are more than 11 minutes of total action in a 3+ hour show

5. Cheerleaders are nice. Divas are nicer.

6. The hits to the head look real, but (now) don’t do any actual long term damage

7. Wrestlers are still allowed to tackle (and celebrate after.)

8. The face paint is better (and the wrestlers are friends with Robocops.)

10. While at least casual misogynists, male fans at wrestling shows don’t usually punch women, which seems more pleasant for everyone.

11. The Chants

(and Seth Rollins, for taking that knee like a champ)

12. Better pyro.

13. Better backstage/sideline interviews.

16. Tag Team Finishers

17. And finally: sometimes the field of play, well, explodes

(also, Mark Henry)

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