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    34 Signs That You Went To Georgia Southern

    The Prettiest Little College in America.

    1. Hail Southern!

    We love our Eagles and we're cocky about it. Especially after five hours of tailgating, preceded by two hours of pregame...despite being hungover from the previous two nights. Six Flags over Georgia baby. Hail Southern.

    2. Erk Russell

    Father of the modern Georgia Southern football program. Went 83-22-1 and won three I-AA national championships in his eight years as head coach. Heros get remembered but legends never die.

    3. You've had at least one awkward moment at the hot tub/sauna in the RAC

    4. It's impossible to have a conversation about Statesboro because all the restaurants and apartment complexes change their names every five years.

    R.I.P. Jaman's

    5. The Marching Band threw the best parties.

    Nerds can party too.

    6. The Bypass is your "perimeter."

    Just don't speed on it after midnight on the weekends.

    7. You avoid the Russell Union rotunda like the plague.

    I'd rather die than take your flyer.

    8. The Plaza

    Everybody has spent at least one night in the Bermuda Triangle of Statesboro. What happens in the Plaza, stays in the least until it shows up on GSUProblems. Speaking of..

    9. #GSUProblems

    You probably follow GSUProblems on Facebook or Twitter.

    10. G.A.T.A.

    Get After That Ass.

    11. The Small

    Statesboro + Mall = Small

    12. Greeks look like this.

    Who likes short shorts?

    13. The RAC

    Pretty darn good gym. Just don't go there on guilt trip Sundays.

    14. You've spent at least one night in Club Henderson

    Convinced people live in the library rent free.

    15. 91.9 is on your preset.

    The Buuuzzzzzzz....

    16. You know how to drink.

    Part of the curriculum.

    17. #SouthernnotState

    We are the Real GSU.

    18. You hate parking tickets with a passion.

    and those damn parking ticket ninjas.

    19. You are scared of the Lakeside wildlife.

    If you think the geese are aggressive, wait till you see the alligators.

    20. Landrum

    If you went to GSU pre-2013 you have no idea what this is.

    21. You eat way too much Chick-Fil-a.

    and avoid the lunchtime rush at all cost.

    22. You've gotten lost in the Math/Physics Building.

    Someone as we speak is lost in that building. The buddy system people.

    23. Old Dorms vs. New Dorms

    If you're old like me you probably stayed at Olliff, Johnson, Winburn, Hendricks, Sanford, or Veazey and wear it like a badge of honor. You pity the kids that stay in super fancy EV or Centennial their freshman years.

    24. You read the George-Anne between classes..

    and point out the spelling mistakes.

    25. You had to run to the County Line to get liquor.

    You do what you gotta do.

    26. Pool Parties.

    Benefit of 250+ days of sunshine a year. I met Danny from Real World Austin at one. I. Swear. To. God.

    27. You think flip flops are right for any occasion.

    Formal wear.

    28. You use Wal-Mart for 90% of your shopping.

    Most of the time after midnight to avoid the local rush.

    29. Talons Grille is considered fine dining.

    and you're willing to wait for it.

    30. Love/Hate relationship with Statesboro.

    Life in a small town.

    31. But it's alright because Savannah is less than an hour away.

    River Street on St. Patty's.

    32. You hate App State.

    33. Half the students still wear UGA apparel on campus.


    34. You've had to teach a Georgia Tech student how to talk to girls.

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