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21 Things Vegetarians Are F@#king Sick Of Hearing

"But, like, don't you miss meat?"

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they're absolutely sick of hearing about being vegetarians. Here's what realllly annoys them.

1. "Can't you pick the meat out or just eat around it?"


2. "Plants have feelings too, you know."


3. "I tried being a vegetarian, but it only lasted a week."


4. "So if you were driving and hit a squirrel, would you cry?"


5. "Cows were put on this planet for us to eat."


6. "If you care about animals so much, why do you eat their food?"


7. "But you eat chicken, right?"


8. *Waves meat in face* "Haha, want a bite?!"


9. "Ugh, there's no way I could do that. How can you survive without meat?!"

10. "Aren't you always so hungry?"


11. "So, do you just eat salad and tofu all the time?"


12. "You definitely don't eat enough vegetables to be a vegetarian!"



13. "Then what DO you eat if you don't eat meat?"


14. "Wait, so what do you eat on Thanksgiving?"

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15. "Do you ever cheat?"


16. "Doesn't [enter meat here] look soooo good?"

Grumpy Cat / Via Twitter: @RealGrumpyCat

17. "But how can you live without bacon?"



18. "I didn't know what food to get you so I just thought, 'What would a squirrel eat?' So, here's some nuts and dried fruit."

19. "Humans need meat to survive."

—Sam Kramer, Facebook

—Sam Kramer, Facebook

20. "If we go to *insert restaurant name here*, what are you going to eat?"

—Allison Wild

21. And finally, "How do you live without McDonald's?"


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