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    The BuzzFeed Animals Club Is Probably The Cutest Facebook Group Ever

    Puppies, and kitties, and birds — oh my!

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    Do you wish there was a space for you to talk about your love of animals?

    Animal Planet

    Well, do we have some WONDERFUL NEWS for you… we launched an amazing BuzzFeed Animals Club Facebook Group for you to do just that!

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    Maybe you’d like to share a photo of your kinda large (but adorable) cat somehow squeezing into a very tiny shoebox.

    Or perhaps you can’t have pets, but want to share the latest floofy corgi you followed on Instagram with the world.

    Maybe you rescued a cute-as-heck orphaned squirrel baby and you have a sweet story how you rehabilitated him and released him back into the wild.

    Or maybe you just want to scream into the void how much you love animals!


    We'd love for you to join our group so you can talk to your heart's content about your love of animals — furry, feathered, and everything in between!

    Head on over to our BuzzFeed Animals Club Facebook Group to join our amazing animal-loving community!

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