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37 Halloween Dogs Who Are V Goob But Also V Spoopy

Happy Howl-oween!!!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their dogs in their cutest Halloween costumes. Here are some of the most creative doggos!!!

1. This ~artiste~ as Dog Ross:


2. This smol one-eyed pirate!!!!!!


3. This doggo dressed as Dobby from Harry Potter!!!!


4. This really serious Reporter Kermit:


5. This Little Red Riding Hood and her big bad wolf:


6. This pug who doubles as a pig!!!


7. This Little Pupmaid costume:


8. This Lilo & Stitch duo:


9. These floofy super heroes:


10. This cheerleader and her lil' football player:


11. This adorable chiweenie Beanie Baby:


12. This wild child:


13. This lil' buckaroo:


14. This pupper who's ready to sail the seven seas:


15. This smol yet TOL pup:


16. This real glamorous Holly Godoggy from Breakfast at Tiffany's:


17. This prehistoric cave-doggo:


18. This extremely confused catdog:


19. This really, really beautiful narwhal:


20. This dashing lil' guy:

"They call him Bond, Floof Bond." —nikkid48cf95d7f

"They call him Bond, Floof Bond." —nikkid48cf95d7f

21. This gorgine angel!!!!!


22. This really convincing Weiner dog/pug mix:


23. This precious penguin:


24. This pup who's giving Serena a run for her money:


25. This absolutely terrifying shark!!!!


26. This regal doggo:


27. This cookie dogster:


28. This bee-utiful soul:


29. This Little Vampire:


30. This captain who means serious BUSINESS:


31. This charming couple as Beetlejuice and Lydia:


32. This bad to the bone pug:


33. This smol cowboy who's just a doggone darling!!!!


34. This mayoral pupidate who I would DEFINITELY vote for!!!


35. This really cute Indiana Bones:


36. This floof who I think is lion about their true identity:


37. And finally, this chiweenie as Slinky Dog from Toy Story!!!!


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