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23 Struggles Of Having A Stepfamily

Who are these people and why are they living in my house?!

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1. You find out your parent is dating someone new.


2. And before you know it you have some new person living in your house. But they're not just any person... they're a stepparent.


3. And they're nice... too nice.


4. You hate it.


5. They can give you a free car and for some stupid reason you'll still be like:


6. You don't know what's wrong with you. Why can't you just accept this person?!

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7. You try to be a bigger person but you just stare at them over dinner in disgust.

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8. Suddenly you feel like a child again, disobeying everything your new stepparent tells you.


9. But somehow they get the last laugh by being affectionate with your parent right in front of you.


10. It could be worse... like if they have children. Because nothing is as good as stepsiblings... right?


11. You get pushed to hang out with them.

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12. Your parent gets desperate and bribes you to be nice to your new stepfamily.


13. But you realise it's because you now must share a room.


14. You then notice your parent is being extremely nice to your stepsiblings and you get jealous.

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15. Really jealous.

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16. Whenever you go out as a group and people ask you if you’re a family, you’re quick to answer:


17. Then something weird happens. You see a member of your stepfamily in trouble and you defend them without hesitation.

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18. You're starting to care for them. It scares you!


19. You slowly begin to accept them into your life.

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20. Even if you're not related by blood, they're now your family.


21. And you inevitably become friends with your stepsibling.

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22. Plus it's pretty nice to see your parent be happy with their new partner.


23. Stepfamilies are actually pretty nice.