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    Here's Why The Rock Needs To Save The Oscars By Hosting It In 2016


    This year's Academy Awards was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris... and well, the reviews were mixed.


    While NPH was in the crowd talking to David Oyelowo, the viewers at home could see that The Rock was in attendance.


    But pause it right here! Notice anything?


    The Rock is staring right at NPH.

    ABC / Via Nick Wray for BuzzFeed

    He then turns his head to the camera. But why?


    He is telling us something! Is The Rock considering hosting the Oscars next year?!

    ABC / Via Nick Wray for BuzzFeed

    Why couldn't he? He can dance...


    He can sing...


    He totally crushed it with Zoe Saldana when they presented...


    And not to mention his killer smile.


    The ratings for this year's Oscars hit a seven-year-low, so he might be the person to bring the viewers back!

    The team over at Screen Junkies thinks it should happen.

    And so do the Twitterverse.

    I guaran-damn-tee @TheRock would be a great Oscars host. Dude can do it all


    I guaran-damn-tee @TheRock would be a great Oscars host. Dude can do it all

    10:00 AM - 25 Feb 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

    lets make it happen @TheRock to host the oscars 2016 @dickfundy #TheRockHostsTheOscars2016

    Guys, let's Retweet this and make some dreams come true for our hero! #TheRockHostsTheOscars2016 LET THEM HEAR OUR VOICES! @TheRock

    The road to #OscarMania 2016. Lets make it happen. #TheRockHostsTheOscars2016 @dickfundy @TheRock

    So Academy, The Rock has a simple message for you:

    Universal Pictures

    Let's do this.