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    Posted on 23 Nov 2014

    13 Pictures Of The Eerie Fog That Blanketed Sydney's Beaches

    Oh you wanted to go to the beach on a 40 degree day? TOO BAD!

    1. As Australia gets ready for summer, many are flocking to the beaches, especially this past weekend with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in Sydney.

    2. After a perfect blue sky morning people noticed something coming from the sea.

    3. A fog.

    4. But not just any fog, this was a rare type of sea fog caused when hot air comes into contact with cold water.

    5. It slowly blanketed Sydney.

    6. The sun was blocked out.

    7. Manly Beach fell.

    8. The amazing views that the beach had on offer were gone.

    9. Soon after Bondi beach fell.

    10. Oh you wanted to get a tan today?

    11. TOO BAD!

    12. Better luck next weekend, beach goers.

    13. But in the end, it still didn't ruin the Aussie tradition of going to the beach on a Sunday.

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