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15 Reasons Why Rapper Allday Represents Every Young Australian

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Adelaide born rapper Allday is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in Australian music. He is also known for his amazing ability to connect with his fans, especially through his Instagram.

1. Whether it be travelling.

2. Having a love for Hot Wheels.

4. Getting in on the almond milk phase.

5. Showing off his love for Straya.

6. Having a dirty mind, like we all do.

7. Allday loves fucking around in JB.

8. He has bitter feelings towards past jobs.

9. He loves the odd music festival.

10. He is doing his bit to bring back the bucket hat!

11. No seriously, Allday wants to bring them back!

12. He loves his grandparents.

13. He is one of the frontline soldiers in changing the fashion trend for Aussie youngsters.

14. Our boy K-Rudd endorses him... kinda.

15. And finally, he has dreams to conquer.