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21 People Who Totally Nailed 7-Eleven's "Bring Your Own Cup Day"

You get a Slurpee! You get a Slurpee! EVERYBODY GETS A SLURPEE!

1. Today is "Bring Your Own Cup Day" at 7-Eleven in Australia.

2. Everyone is finding the biggest thing they can get their hands on to take advantage of this beautiful day.

3. They're grabbing buckets!

4. Any bucket! Even if it was holding a dirty mop in the corner of the laundry for the past week.

5. Some people grabbed anything they could find in the kitchen.

6. No seriously, anything in the kitchen would do!

7. Pour all the protein powder out! We need that container for sugar!!!

8. The watercooler bottles were a big favourite!

9. How about some skull vodka?

Brain freeze! Bring your own cup day at 7-11 @SlurpeeAUS @7ElevenAus

10. Filling up a mini-Esky to keep it cold? Smart move!

Bring your own cup day! Best day of the year! #BYOCupDay #7/11 @willseebohm

11. Cereal containers!

Todays BYO cup day so dont forget #7eleven #slurpee #byocupday


Went to 7/11 for bring ur own cup HAHAHAH

13. Thirsty after conquering that KFC bucket?

14. Like. A. Fucking. Sir.

15. Because straws are too mainstream!

16. Run past Officeworks and get a $2 bin, like this bloke did!

17. Das booooot!

18. Screw it. Just a ziplock bag can do the trick.

19. Grab whatever! We need as much Slurpee as we can get our hands on!

20. So much yes!

21. Here's to you 7-Eleven! May your slurpees be cold, and brains be forever frozen.