23 Stages Of Going To Your Five-Year High School Reunion

    Yes, they're becoming a thing.

    1. It's happened! While randomly surfing the internet you receive an invite for your high school reunion.

    2. "But I only just finished school..."

    3. "Wait... that was five years ago!"

    4. Yep. You've been invited to your FIVE-year reunion.

    5. Unfortunately five year reunions are becoming a trendy thing... like almond milk... or kale.

    6. "But I'm just out of college with a huge debt! How is this fair?! What do I have to show off?!"

    7. "Oh crap, I'm old... and half way to my ten-year reunion."

    8. You decide you should make an appearance, maybe someone's life is more miserable than yours...

    9. You attempt to walk into the reunion with extreme confidence, you need to turn those heads!

    10. But that confidence is suddenly halted.

    11. People instantly treat you like they did in high school, but you're a new person now! Right?!

    12. People will remind you of embarrassing things that happened at school.

    13. There will be that one person who's blossomed dramatically in the last five years.

    14. When people ask you what you do for a living, and you have nothing to say.

    15. You'll see ex-lovers.

    16. No seriously, it's going to happen.

    17. There will be that one person who has let their university degree or job get to their head.

    18. Or you could be that person...

    19. You see that one person who didn't invite you to their 21st birthday party.

    20. When someone tells you what they've been doing with their life, you have to act interested, even though you already know everything due to Facebook.

    21. "Wait, that person is only five years out of high school and they're already married!?"

    22. You then realise you were right all along, this event was a stupid idea and bail.

    23. Until the ten-year reunion.