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14 Epic War Paint Designs Of Professional Wrestler Finn Bálor

Because simply wearing a mask in wrestling is too mainstream.

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Finn Bàlor is a 14-year veteran of pro wrestling, making a name for himself performing all over the world as Prince Devitt.

1. When wrestling, Bàlor sports war paint designs on his body, and the effort that goes into these paintings is incredible.

Here is Bàlor with current NXT stat Kevin Owens.

2. He has been Freddy Krueger...

5. You can't be Spawn without being Venom.

9. He really likes painting himself as Spiderman...

12. When you have other means to strike fear into your opponent every night?

13. On nights he runs low on paint, he might put a quote on his back.

This one reads: "What a collection of scars you have, never forget who have you the best of them."

14. But every other night, he is an ultimate, painted-up boss.