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15 Things You Can Do While On Hold With Your Phone Company

"Your call is important to us. Please wait."

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Whenever you call your service provider, you're bound to be on hold for a very, VERY long time. Here are some things you can achieve during that time:

Nick Wray for BuzzFeed

1. You could watch five episodes of Parks and Recreation.


2. Or do your grocery shopping.


3. Followed by making your meals for the week.

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4. Maybe you could stalk your ex-lover's Facebook.


5. Or wait for 40% of an episode of Daredevil on Netflix to load on your horrible internet.

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6. While you're online you can even look for a new service provider.


7. For a worst case scenario you can even try and hack into your neighbours Wi-Fi.

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8. And still have enough time to watch some cat videos... if the internet loads.


9. You could get a quick workout in.

10. Or even clean the house.

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11. Why not got to the pub for a few beers?

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12. There would definitely be enough time to do a load of washing.


And hang it out, depending on the speed of your washing machine.

13. Maybe you could search for your phone charger


Because being on the phone for this long can't be good for the battery.

14. Or have your weekly argument with your roommate over whose turn it is to take the bins out.


15. And prepare yourself to make another call to the phone company, because of course they're not going to resolve the issue in all that time.

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