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13 Things All Wrestling Fans Would Love To Forget

It's hard being a wrestling fan.

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1. David Arquette winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.


While promoting his wrestling-themed film Ready To Rumble in 2000, David Arquette appeared on WCW and ended up winning the World Heavyweight Championship. That's right, the same belt that names like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, and Vince Russo had held. Arquette's 12 day reign came to an end with him losing the title in a Triple Cage (lol classic Russo) to Jeff Jarrett. Many say that this was one of the final nails in the coffin for WCW which was ultimately purchased by WWF/E less than a year later.

2. The Katie Vick incident.


In 2002, Triple H and Kane began a feud that would lead to one of the worst/embarrassing/all-round fucked up segments in WWE Raw's 20+ year run. Triple H would expose that Kane was in love with a girl named Katie Vick when he was younger, but Katie did not love him back. In the weeks that followed it was revealed that Vick had died in a car accident. This lead to a segment taking place at an open-casket funeral where Triple H, dressed as Kane, would grope the dead body and proceed to have sex with it. That happened 12 years ago and many still wonder how it was considered a good idea.

3. The Claire Lynch/AJ Styles pregnancy angle.


Crazy lady comes out of the blue, tells AJ Styles that she is carrying his baby, still one of the worst storylines in wrestling today.

4. The Undertaker kidnapping Theodore Long.


Bad camera angles, bad acting, corny effects. Needs no further explanation than this amazingly cringe-worthy GIF.

5. A.W. making reference to Kobe Bryant's rape allegations live on TV.


Not much to say here. A.W. (Abraham Washington) was the manager of the Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neill). During their matches, A.W. would support his clients and taunt their opponents, much to the disapproval of the crowd. This was all fun television until he maybe said something that pushed the WWE's PG rating. A.W. was released from the WWE days later.

6. Vince McMahon's "death."


In 2007 during the closing segment of WWE Raw, Vince McMahon stepped into his limo. The limo then exploded, "killing" McMahon instantly. WWE reported Vince McMahon had died in the incident, with the company dedicating the following weeks programming to the fallen Chairman. This was the same fashion used for the real-life deaths of Brian Pillman, Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero. The Chris Benoit murder-suicide occurred weeks later, adding to the controversy.

7. "Donald Trump" vs "O'Donnell."


In 2006/07 Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell had a very public feud over something which I really can’t be fucked to research. Donald Trump is real-life friends with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and in a stroke of genius McMahon thought it would be amazing television to bring this feud to his ring. The WWE had actors dress up as both Trump (Independent wrestling star, Ace Steel) and O’Donnell (no idea who this was) and battle in a horrible match which drew an extremely negative reaction from the live crowd. This reaction was so bad they even chanted “TNA.” Yes, back then people actually had hope for TNA.

8. Daniel Bryan "having an affair" with his physical therapist.


2014, Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella started a feud which had many fans excited. The pair closed WWE Raw two weeks in a row, the first time since... uhhh, when was it? Was it Trish Stratus vs Lita in 2004? The feud was gaining a lot of momentum leading up to their SummerSlam match, but WWE decided to add an extra ingredient to the perfect pie, that ingredient was shit. Two weeks out from their SummerSlam match, McMahon introduced Megan Miller, the physical therapist for Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella’s husband. Miller admitted she was having an affair with Bryan in one of the worst acting displays in WWE history. This lead to the whole segment being completely forgotten about the next week.

9. The McMahon vs Brie Bella storyline led to Nikki Bella turning on her sister Brie.


Yes, that's Jerry Springer in the ring. At the time of publication the storyline is still active.

10. The exploitation of Eddie Guerrero months after his death.


2005 saw the untimely passing of WWE legend Eddie Guerrero, shocking the wrestling world. The WWE would pay tribute to Eddie in the weeks that followed, but his name didn't disappear from WWE programming. Rey Mysterio (real life best friend of Eddie) would begin a storyline with Randy Orton which lead to Orton telling Mysterio that "Eddie is in hell." Not cool.

11. The entire "anonymous RAW general manager" storyline and its lackluster payoff.


In June 2010, WWE Raw was given a new, albeit anonymous, General Manager. The General Manager would communicate via e-mail each week with commentator Michael Cole reading out the messages. Fans started to speculate who the General Manager was; was it The Rock?! Chris Jericho?! Kelly Kelly?! This lasted for over a year as fans grew tired of this storyline. Ultimately, this whole angle faded away from television without explanation. Out of nowhere the storyline was revived for one night only, revealing Hornswoggle was the G.M. After a year of build-up, one of the most highly anticipated storylines of the PG era ended in a quick blow-off segment involving Santino Marella, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

12. The McMahon family vs God storyline.


Over the WWE's long history, they have had many celebrity cameos. This was topped off in 2006 when the "Mighty Lord"himself became a fixture on WWE television. The McMahon family at the time were feuding with Shawn Michaels, who is known for being a devoted Christian. McMahon began blaming God for Michaels constantly gaining the upper-hand against the family. This lead to a match at Backlash in 2006 involving Vince and Shane McMahon taking on Shawn Michaels and “God” in a tag-team match. God being a light in Michaels corner….don’t believe me? Check it out on the WWE Network. #9.99

13. The teased Katie Lee and Paul Burchill incest storyline.


This brother/sister duo were every-affectionate towards each other while using the catchphrase, "whatever Katie wants, Katie gets." It was very obvious what the WWE were building towards, but they finally came to their senses by completely scrapping the storyline. Both performers were released from the company soon after.

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