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18 Reasons Luna Park Sydney Is Australia's Most Picturesque Theme Park

#NoFilter needed.

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1. While on Sydney Harbour you will notice a beam of light coming from the other side.

2. So you take a ferry across to it.

3. What is this magical land?

4. What is this giant face?!

6. You turn around and look back across the harbour.

8. No matter where you look across the harbour, no filter will be required.

9. You finally step into the park and everywhere you look is breathtaking.

10. Whether you're walking down the main strip.

11. Which is even more beautiful when it's raining.

12. Or taking a ride on the ferris wheel.

13. Everywhere you look will be an Instagram moment.

14. So getting married at the park just makes sense.

15. And so does losing yourself in Sydney's version of Coney Island.

16. Even during the day the views are spectacular.

17. But coming at night is where it's at.

18. It doesn't get any more beautiful than this.