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This Charity Is Using Hip-Hop To Help Disadvantaged Kids And It's Awesome

Desert Pea Media is inspiring the next generation of Aussie Hip-Hop stars.

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The Indigenous population of Australia suffers significant cultural and social disadvantages.

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Cases of low life expectancy and high rates of unemployment, suicide, incarceration, isolation and substance abuse are high in Aboriginal communities.

To help counter this, Desert Pea Media was formed in 2002.

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Desert Pea Media is a charity organisation that runs collaborative storytelling projects in regional and remote Indigenous communities using music, film and performance to create dialogue around change.

The team travels around Australia to remote communities, spending four days in each place.

Facebook: desertpeamedia

The team consists of director/filmmaker Toby Finlayson, music producer Joel Westlake and cultural liaison Gail Mabo (daughter of Eddie Mabo.)


Desert Pea Media's mission is simple - to deliver mentoring programs for young people in disadvantaged communities through story and art.

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They say they hope to re-engage marginalised young people with their community, culture and country, aiming "to encourage the development of life skills, access to education, employment and leadership programs."

Through the creation of videos for YouTube, Desert Pea Media also wants to build awareness of the social and cultural issues Indigenous youth face.

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Their aim is "to contribute to the evolution of a balanced and respectful social and cultural relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia."

These videos are finding great success online with the channel quickly closing in on a million views. They have even been featured on Triple J!

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They have just released their first album which you can purchase here.

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You can also see the full history of Desert Pea Media here:

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