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    6 Nov 2014

    Watch This Australian Cricketer Almost Stick His Head Into A Flamethrower

    Things are starting to heat up on the cricket field between Australia and South Africa, literally.

    Cricketer Aaron Finch had a close call with a flamethrower during Australia's Twenty20 match against South Africa last night.

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    Finch was chasing after the ball before it hit the boundary.

    Channel 9

    Finch knew the flames usually shoot out if the ball hits the boundary, but they didn't.

    Channel 9

    When he went to pick up the ball, the flamethrowers went off dangerously close to him.

    Channel 9

    Luckily, he escaped any injury. Cricket Australia released an apology to Finch regarding the incident stating:

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    "We have apologised to Aaron for the incident last night, a Cricket Australia spokesman said. We have clear operating procedures in place for the use of pyrotechnics at matches. They include strict rules about safe operating distances with respect to players and fans. Clearly there was a breach of that last night which we take very seriously and have addressed with the contractor concerned."

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