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33 Thoughts You Have While Eating A One Kilo Burrito

BRB, just living my dream.

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1. Screw it. I'm doing the one kilo burrito.

2. How big can it be anyway?

3. [Watches it be made] Ok. Shit.


4. Jesus fuck this is big!

5. This is heavier than it looks tbh.

6. Actually no. It's not THAT big.

7. Here goes nothing.

8. Oh yes, this is the stuff.

9. I can finish this easy.


10. Fuck. I just cracked my jaw.

11. Everyone in this restaurant is judging us hard.

12. Nah fuck em. They're just jelly of our giant burritos. Enjoy your salads... assholes.

13. Crap! It's already falling apart.

14. Halfway there, no big deal. Smashing it.

15. Should I get a fork to eat this?


16. Aaannnnnd I've hit a wall.

17. I think I should loosen my belt.

18. This is my life now.

19. I am going to destroy my toilet tonight.

20. This was such a good idea in hindsight.

21. Keep on going! If you can't finish this then you're a failure!


22. The human body was not built to take in this much food.

23. I need to fart but it's too risky after this burrito.

24. If I eat anymore there won't be enough room for fro-yo.

25. What did I do to end up here?

26. Why is this a life goal?

27. Where did it all go wrong?


28. I feel like complete shit.

29. I can't believe I just spent an hour's pay.

30. One kilo burrito eaten in 11 minutes. I have a medal?!


32. I feel sick...

33. Until next year, burrito challenge.