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16 Ways "Step Brothers" Perfectly Describes You And Your Best Friend

"Did we just become best friends?!" Yep!

1. The moment you met was magical.

2. You tell each other about your life plans.

3. You turn heads whenever you walk into a party.

4. You have special nicknames for each other.

5. You have similar interests.

6. And you love to joke around.

7. You love coming up with new ways to have fun...

8. Even if they don't always go according to plan.

9. But when they do, it's awesome!

10. You share the same enemies.

11. And you have a lot in common...

12. Almost too much...

13. Sometimes you might be brutally honest with each other.

14. And things might get a little out of hand.

15. But no matter what, you'll always be there for one another.

16. And you'll support each other till death.