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    22 Reasons Bali Is So Much More Than You Think

    It's more than just a party destination.

    1. Upon landing in Bali you notice that this airport has a view that definitely beats the one that you departed from.

    Flickr: 21065622@N08 / Creative Commons

    2. It's not just the airport, the entire island provides stunning sights.

    Flickr: panduadnyana / Creative Commons

    3. When people think of Bali they instantly call it a party destination. But it's so much more than that. Yes, there is Kuta Beach.

    Flickr: eprivass / Creative Commons
    Flickr: marcohk / Creative Commons

    4. Along with its famous nightlife.

    Flickr: tesking / Creative Commons

    5. And Waterbom Bali, which is fun but really you can do that anywhere.

    Flickr: 58847482@N03 / Creative Commons

    6. What you can't do anywhere is visit the Tanah Lot Temple, which was built on a rock formation looking over the ocean.

    Fabio Gismondi

    7. Or the Ulun Temple.

    Flickr: 73064996@N08 / Creative Commons

    8. It seems the further you get away from the busy tourist spots, the bigger the pay off. Seeing the rice fields of Ubud is well worth the trek.

    Flickr: rnugraha / Creative Commons

    9. Because no matter how you look at it...

    Flickr: jerkstore / Creative Commons

    10. You'll definitely capture that photo which will get you at least 11 likes on Instagram.

    Flickr: zoomion / Creative Commons

    11. And the Sekumpul Waterfalls will get you at least 20.

    Flickr: panduadnyana v / Creative Commons

    12. What about getting a photo whilst holding a monkey at the Sacred Monkey Forrest Sanctuary? The possibilities for likes are endless.

    Flickr: rexboggs5 / Creative Commons

    13. There's more than just monkeys in Bali. The island also has Night At The Zoo where you can see animals in a completely different light.

    Flickr: kalyan3 / Creative Commons

    14. And how many people can say they’ve swum through a navy shipwreck?

    Flickr: pacificklaus / Creative Commons

    15. In any other country, a cup of Balinese coffee is an expensive delicacy. But here you don't need to spend half your pay cheque, plus you get to see the unique way it's made.

    Flickr: zeepack / Creative Commons

    16. All over the island there's markets where you'll find little ornaments to put in your apartment to give it some ~culture~.

    Flickr: mhw / Creative Commons

    17. Or grab some fresh produce for that #2k15cleanse.

    Flickr: fazia / Creative Commons

    #CleanEating #Fitspo

    18. But you're on holidays! So why cook, when the island is covered in amazing restaurants!

    Flickr: suhseal / Creative Commons

    19. At Jimbaran Bay you'll find a beach lined with restaurants and bars offering seafood straight from the ocean.

    Flickr: 39551170@N02 / Creative Commons

    20. Or you can just eat lunch overlooking Mount Batur, a live volcano.

    Flickr: hamedmasoumi / Creative Commons

    21. And while you're there, why not finally attempt to surf? You've already come this far.

    Flickr: tk_five_0 / Creative Commons

    22. But just remember one thing: Be sure to take a camera. Because in the end what's the point of going on holidays, if you can't brag about it to your friends when you get home?

    Flickr: hollytravis / Creative Commons

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